How Wine Saved My life

Whenever someone asks me why I like being a Somm I tell them this one noble truth:

”Wine saved my Life”

It is then the choice to dubiously laugh or peer at me with squinted eyes is made, as if to punish me for such a detrimental thought. But it did; and it is going to keep motivating me to become the little human I always hoped I could be. So much so as a small child lying in bed I would stay awake all night clenching my mind trying to make it happen with my imagination, and though I am still a very tiny person I have these wild and ambitious hopes to still do just that.

With each entry I intend to share with you the journey of persistence, courage, and patience. I will try to relate in more ways than some how I’m breaking the chains I’ve allowed to wrap tightly around me. How through my passion and career in this strange new world of wine I’ve come to appreciate my own raw honesty, and the coming of emotional age since beginning this career has enabled me to learn how to trust others and begin to let them get to know me. This is my connection to the Earth and as I allow my roots to finally grow and reach out your thoughts and acknowledgment will be my food, water, and sunlight to synthesize my learning and healing.

This is my sum of all parts. This will be my way to share how much more I am than just a Somm, and how this intense and fabulous profession has saved my Life!