Today I admit I have some issues. Not JUST the issues you may know about me. But here they are if y0u haven’t been able to verbalize them with me in a moment thus far

I am :

  • sassy
  • outspoken(though rightfully so at most times…at least until I see fit)
  • defiant of my views that I feel for; yes feel for, until another shares something brighter that I can support
  • outspoken for my vibrations
  • cares deeply about the other people on this Planet
  • unafraid of consequence(aka reckless)
  • unaccepting I’m prone to temptation
  • unaccepting I can handle things without help
  • wishes she could be better on this Planet
  • wonders when she will give into true bliss
  • prone to bouts of anger that consume her Being…wishes it wasn’t so
  • knows she has a lot of work ahead of her to be the human she cares about
  • wonders is that the wrong response

Perhaps I have said a few things you didn’t “know” about me. Perhaps my personality is usually one of mystified bliss. Many see me as the happy nuggett of love & light, something they mirror back merely from what I offer them. I enjoy being the vibrancy for others, even when I don’t exactly “feel” it for mySelf. I figure it’ll happen for me sooner or later.

I see a pattern of personality deficits, as well as multiples, that I deal with daily. Am I split? Am I forward in behavioural patterns? Or do I just know how to separate when needed socially?

I wanted to point out the simalarities of grapes and personalities. There are so many…and yet how do I, just me, try to distinguish without trying them out. This is what I will do. Try them out. Like a critic swirling the glass, checking the legs of tenacity, and tasting the wine. I will see where it takes me knowing I have you here, and mySelf, the personality of me.

Now what?

When I AM Sexy(?)

That moment you thought you were sexy for someone else. And they once again saw past you. Perhaps not past who you are but the inclination to be “sexy”. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had the most fun the last few hours dancing around and allowing catches of my Self in dimmed mirrors to make me smile….even with my belly exposed, and all alongside mySELF!

I justify these moments always with the blanket of knowing I am “crazy” and sexy may no longer exist between us. But in my moments of existing in harmony and truth I wonder did it ever exist. As a self-proclaimed koo-koo-kee-doo I can admit, no matter what the existence of passion, whether it be from heat or hate there is always a tendency to “want” and desire the target of our most profound desires and to push away.But am I once again alone on the Watchtower, trying to discern between joker and thief?

I should take a breath here and remind mySelf that I have not anything alongside me that indicates but sincerity and love; yet the Love is just with what is. Does he(she) know how capable I am to overcome the doldrums of the existence I live among? Does he(she) not feel my beating heart shift with each exhalation as well and recognize the excitement of each new moment I am able to conjure?

I have such a difficult time sharing my body as a sexual being without just giving you what I know works best; you always come to gratification and that is rewarding for us both. You still don’t know what makes me move it seems. I seem to not allow you to learn(?)


I was trying in the most primal, sensual way that to look past even something out of the ordinary of crazy with me, I wonder if the love you know is not learned and created out of your own insecurities of really knowing how to feel.

I am not so sure who I am speaking to now. it has never been about sharing except with mySelf but even now in my time of need and wonder I choose to lose “us”. Perhaps being me is just so and when you look past me trying to bare my belly and sway sensually side to side as I prepare your remedy for sore throat it is merely you loving all of me, not just the parts of me I feel ashamed of. Here I continue the things we cannot change the Life I am celebrating!


“oh love you came to me like wine comes to the mouth,

grown tired of water all the time,

you quenched my heart

and you quenched my mind”




A Lil Love For The Day


Taking a moment today to share love & bliss with you all. It’s too often we journey through the day without taking that breath of a moment to share our heartbeat with another, even if just in a passing smile or the chance glance of empathy. I know that I can use this most everyday and love to share when opportunity is offered; here’s my opportunity to share.

You are beautiful, creative, and full of wisdom. Thank you for shining on this Planet so i may understand my darkness!

Inside out

You will find me one day, delirious in my painting studio. I will be caked with fuchsia and burnt sienna. I will not have washed in days but roses will be growing from behind my ears. You will rush to bend to me, to inquire, and I will hold your face in my hands and whisper, “It’s my heart. Do you feel it too?”


The Little Black Dress

Necessary and essential to pure enjoyment – both the Little Black Dress and Champagne.


Anneke Gronloh 1964 Little Black Dress



Champagne Brut Marc Hebrart | Pasticceria Giotto Padova

Marc Hebrart Brut


My vocation to share a love of bubbles with every guest always commences with the following statement, spewed out from a dead pan face of intention;

“Champagne is the little black dress of the wine world”.

The sincerity of Champagne allows each human to feel and taste things fabulous no matter where they are or what they’re eating. It, like the LBD, is versatile and can be drunk on any occasion, paired with all foods, and found at any cost you’re prepared to spend. Champagne affords those meals and moments that require extra care or attention just as the little black dress can do in an instant, leaving more time to spend on making memories rather than on the outfit.

Of course there are the accents that can dress up the LBD, such as jewelry, the shoes, the hair, but in the end it’s all about the simplicity and consistency of the dress and its potential. This is also true with Champagne. The method of production is the same for all that come out of the Champagne region and stake their claim to it. What goes into the bottle then is the difference and there are some major differences, but with always the core values of creating beauty and complexity that translates to fabulous intensity in the glass that all can enjoy, wherever, whenever!

Here is a concentrated guide to Champagne for the beginner hoping to learn what “dress” to put on when they are purchasing bubbles.


The Champagne AOC in northern France produces the world’s most famous sparkling wine. The word Champagne has become synonymous with sparkling wine from anywhere, but true Champagne may only be produced in northern France in the region of glorious Champagne! Sparkling winemaking in Champagne dates all the way back to the 1700s.

The Major Grapes Of Champagne

  • Pinot Noir : gives the wine structure, power and mouthfeel; strawberries, raspberries, cherry
  • Meunier : adds spice, richness and youthful fruitiness; black cherry, raspberry
  • Chardonnay : racy acidity and elegance; pommaceous, lemon curd

 The Wine

Champagne gets that sparkle from a second fermentation in the bottle. A small mixture of wine, sugar, and yeast is combined with a still base wine to initiate the process. Then carbon dioxide is produced by yeasts converting sugar to alcohol and is trapped inside the bottle creating the bubbles I love. The yeasts begin to die and form lees(sediment) inside the bottle. With passing time the lees create aromas of baked breads and toasted nuts.  When bottle aging is completed the bottle is disgorged and the lees are removed. In all styles other than Brut Nature/Zero Dosage a small amount of sugar and wine liquid mixture is added for balance or outright sweetness. This is called the dosage and levels are predetermined by the house.


The dosage is what determines the sweetness level of the final Champagne bottled. Typically on the market are “Brut,” or dry in style. From driest to sweetest, the gauges are:

  • Brut Nature/Brut Zero :  bone-dry, and no added dosage
  • Extra Brut : almost bone-dry, with little to no dosage
  • Brut : a range of bone-dry to perceptible sweetness
  • Extra Sec/Extra Dry : these wines are not dry at all but sweeter, or off-dry
  • Sec/Dry : off-dry to semi-sweet
  • Doux : a rich, dessert-sweet Champagne style


  •  Non-Vintage (NV): typically this will be a brut bottling(“dress”). NV cuvées are the models of the house’s signature style, and it is extremely important that each bottle is consistent year after year.
  • Vintage: this “dress” comes from a single harvest. It is aged in underground caves for long periods of time and are usually only made when the year is good. Like a vintage LBD these wines can hold up over the years and are more fabulous when taken out on the town than when they first went underground.
  • Prestige Cuvée (Tête de Cuvée): usually the best and most expensive “dress” that the Champagne house offers. They can be vintage-dated and aged for a number of years, although not required, and they’re usually released only in a superior vintage. These wines can be Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs or Rosé in style. Big House, Classic examples are :  Moët et Chandon “Dom Pérignon”, Taittinger “Comtes de Champagne”, Louis Roederer “Cristal”,  Pol Roger “Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill”, Ruinart “Dom Ruinart”, and Veuve Clicquot-Ponsardin “La Grande Dame”
  • Blanc de Blancs : the little black dress looks white in this bottling. These wines may only be produced from 100% Chardonnay, and may be non-vintage or dated. This style offers some of the most ageworthy Chardonnay on the planet. As a young bottle the wines are racy and crisp, and with more years become creamier and dreamier. Some examples include : Gosset, Billecart-Salmon, Delamotte, Salon
  • Blanc de Noirs: though the juice is clear these wines are produced solely from black-skinned grapes. The juice is pressed without any skin contact so the wines are clear.  Blanc de Noirs can be intensely rich and powerful. A tasty example is Eric Rodez.
  • Rosé Champagne: usually produced by blending red and white base wines prior to the second fermentation, but sometimes by saignée, where there is extended skin contact. All vintage, NV, and prestige cuvées may also produce pink versions. A rosé prestige cuvée is usually the most expensive and rare product a house offers. Think Krug Rosé…all day!


Types of Producers

Just as with LBD designers there are Champagne producers of all kinds. Brands that make their wines by purchasing from smaller houses and growers known as négociants. These are the bigger brands.  Another common type of producer are those that stay close to their lands to create a more unique design every time. These “grower-producers” use their own grapes to create their wines.  Is there a difference? Depends on the producers and what you’re hoping for. Just as with any fashion designer there are things to consider. The bigger the brand the more money they have so the consistency of the design will be more apparent, while the smaller brands may be more inclined to individuality with each “dress”.

  • Négociants (Négociant Manipulant): look for the initials “NM”(Moët et Chandon, Veuve Clicquot)
  • Grower-producers(Récoltant Manipulant) :  look for the initials “RM” (Marc Hebrart, Vilmart & Cie, Pierre Peters, Egly-Ouriet)


 When Is The “Little Black Dress” Appropriate?


Champagne can be very effective in portraying & enhancing celebration, as well as a comfort in times of sadness.  Champagne makes an excellent pairing wine; have a crisp blanc de blanc with light dishes or raw seafood courses. Toast with a rich vintage brut  when enjoying savory dishes & soft cheeses.. Try a rosé with…EVERYTHING!

Whether it’s just a glass or you’ve gotten hooked on the whole bottle, Champagne can be a match for an entire meal. The bubbles and acidity act as little windshield wipers for the tongue, cleansing between each bite. So choose the “little black dress” that you love and the rest will fall into place. And if you’re not yet sure what you love ask for help. I’m more than somm and all about the bubbles!

Santé !

Is It All About The Roots?

some say the most important component to great wine is the roots; how far they reach, the amount of stress they’re able to manage, and just how well they absorb, adapt & find balance with their surroundings. the roots of the vine are not too different from our own human experiences. sound a bit like Psych 101? why wouldn’t it? we are living, breathing entities that share this same Earth and make our way through Life trying to find the best sites, best nurturers, best depths to reach our potential and adapt to greatness.

let’s take a look at two finicky things that require constant attention and particulates to achieve greatness. Nebbiolo ,the beautiful & vigorous grape variety and yours truly, the human variety. the noble Nebbiolo, grown at it’s peak in the regions of Piemonte & Lombardia in Northwestern Italy, can be an artist’s haunting dream of creating delicate intensity in a piece. it has roots that crave struggle & complexity in the soil, thus going deeply into the Earth to find their prime connections. the soils, though filled with nutrients, are tough to work through making these roots stronger and more determined with each year to survive, while above the surface the vine creates an illusion of love and harmony so no one worries until outside influence threatens. sometimes this affects the growth and maturity of the vine, stunting balance and discipline, but if the vine wants to live and succeed, it will; and with roots grown strong this threat can be averted and maintained because of passion, intensity & practice; in the end creating the sublime Barolo & Barbaresco wines.

this is not so different when I think of my own experiences and how I have grown stronger with each year. even with the struggles, lack of persistence, poor choices & reactions to outside influences at times, I can take an honest look at my Life & see that I am still clawing my way to reach a part of me that will allow me to achieve my own resplendence. I want not only to drink in greatness but allow others to drink me in as well…figuratively of course!roots


A little fun with Nebbiolo :


In Italy, the variety is known as Spanna, Picoultener, Picotendre, Prunent, and Chiavennasca
In my Life, the variety is known as me, Kat Thomas
Nebbiolo is speculatively named after the morning fog (la nebbia) that rolls through the hills of the Langhe & Monferrato hills in Piemonte, Italy. The resulting wines are of high acid and alcohol, with tannins that can sometimes rip faces off if not matured long enough (very much like me), but can also be as delicate & fragrant as dried roses, strawberries and soft Italian spices. My favourite representation of this grape is found in Barbaresco and Barolo. In these wines I feel a piece of myself that yearns to achieve what they can with discipline of patience & maturity; the Yin of rich, fearless intensity with the Yang of balanced, deliberate harmony.
Here are some Nebbiolo producers for you to try, especially if you want to get to know me better through my roots :
Aldo Conterno
A.R. Pe.Pe.
Giacomo Conterno
Guiseppe Mascarello
La Spinetta
Produttori del Barbaresco

How Wine Saved My Life

Whenever someone asks me why I like being a Somm I tell them this one noble truth:

”Wine saved my Life”

It is then the choice to dubiously laugh or peer at me with squinted eyes is made, as if to punish me for such a detrimental thought. But it did; and it is going to keep motivating me to become the little human I always hoped I could be. So much so as a small child lying in bed I would stay awake all night clenching my mind trying to make it happen with my imagination, and though I am still a very tiny person I have these wild and ambitious hopes to still do just that.

With each entry I intend to share with you the journey of persistence, courage, and patience. I will try to relate in more ways than some how I’m breaking the chains I’ve allowed to wrap tightly around me. How through my passion and career in this strange new world of wine I’ve come to appreciate my own raw honesty, and the coming of emotional age since beginning this career has enabled me to learn how to trust others and begin to let them get to know me. This is my connection to the Earth and as I allow my roots to finally grow and reach out your thoughts and acknowledgment will be my food, water, and sunlight to synthesize my learning and healing.

This is my sum of all parts. This will be my way to share how much more I am than just a Somm, and how this intense and fabulous profession has saved my Life!