Is It All About The Roots?

some say the most important component to great wine is the roots; how far they reach, the amount of stress they’re able to manage, and just how well they absorb, adapt & find balance with their surroundings. the roots of the vine are not too different from our own human experiences. sound a bit like Psych 101? why wouldn’t it? we are living, breathing entities that share this same Earth and make our way through Life trying to find the best sites, best nurturers, best depths to reach our potential and adapt to greatness.

let’s take a look at two finicky things that require constant attention and particulates to achieve greatness. Nebbiolo ,the beautiful & vigorous grape variety and yours truly, the human variety. the noble Nebbiolo, grown at it’s peak in the regions of Piemonte & Lombardia in Northwestern Italy, can be an artist’s haunting dream of creating delicate intensity in a piece. it has roots that crave struggle & complexity in the soil, thus going deeply into the Earth to find their prime connections. the soils, though filled with nutrients, are tough to work through making these roots stronger and more determined with each year to survive, while above the surface the vine creates an illusion of love and harmony so no one worries until outside influence threatens. sometimes this affects the growth and maturity of the vine, stunting balance and discipline, but if the vine wants to live and succeed, it will; and with roots grown strong this threat can be averted and maintained because of passion, intensity & practice; in the end creating the sublime Barolo & Barbaresco wines.

this is not so different when I think of my own experiences and how I have grown stronger with each year. even with the struggles, lack of persistence, poor choices & reactions to outside influences at times, I can take an honest look at my Life & see that I am still clawing my way to reach a part of me that will allow me to achieve my own resplendence. I want not only to drink in greatness but allow others to drink me in as well…figuratively of course!roots


A little fun with Nebbiolo :


In Italy, the variety is known as Spanna, Picoultener, Picotendre, Prunent, and Chiavennasca
In my Life, the variety is known as me, Kat Thomas
Nebbiolo is speculatively named after the morning fog (la nebbia) that rolls through the hills of the Langhe & Monferrato hills in Piemonte, Italy. The resulting wines are of high acid and alcohol, with tannins that can sometimes rip faces off if not matured long enough (very much like me), but can also be as delicate & fragrant as dried roses, strawberries and soft Italian spices. My favourite representation of this grape is found in Barbaresco and Barolo. In these wines I feel a piece of myself that yearns to achieve what they can with discipline of patience & maturity; the Yin of rich, fearless intensity with the Yang of balanced, deliberate harmony.
Here are some Nebbiolo producers for you to try, especially if you want to get to know me better through my roots :
Aldo Conterno
A.R. Pe.Pe.
Giacomo Conterno
Guiseppe Mascarello
La Spinetta
Produttori del Barbaresco

Author: winegoddessLV

Remembering through : Persistence, Patience, Courage, & hospitality

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