Today I admit I have some issues. Not JUST the issues you may know about me. But here they are if y0u haven’t been able to verbalize them with me in a moment thus far

I am :

  • sassy
  • outspoken(though rightfully so at most times…at least until I see fit)
  • defiant of my views that I feel for; yes feel for, until another shares something brighter that I can support
  • outspoken for my vibrations
  • cares deeply about the other people on this Planet
  • unafraid of consequence(aka reckless)
  • unaccepting I’m prone to temptation
  • unaccepting I can handle things without help
  • wishes she could be better on this Planet
  • wonders when she will give into true bliss
  • prone to bouts of anger that consume her Being…wishes it wasn’t so
  • knows she has a lot of work ahead of her to be the human she cares about
  • wonders is that the wrong response

Perhaps I have said a few things you didn’t “know” about me. Perhaps my personality is usually one of mystified bliss. Many see me as the happy nuggett of love & light, something they mirror back merely from what I offer them. I enjoy being the vibrancy for others, even when I don’t exactly “feel” it for mySelf. I figure it’ll happen for me sooner or later.

I see a pattern of personality deficits, as well as multiples, that I deal with daily. Am I split? Am I forward in behavioural patterns? Or do I just know how to separate when needed socially?

I wanted to point out the simalarities of grapes and personalities. There are so many…and yet how do I, just me, try to distinguish without trying them out. This is what I will do. Try them out. Like a critic swirling the glass, checking the legs of tenacity, and tasting the wine. I will see where it takes me knowing I have you here, and mySelf, the personality of me.

Now what?

Author: winegoddessLV

Remembering through : Persistence, Patience, Courage, & hospitality

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