Peasant Mind, Peasant Wine

It has come to my attention tonight that I choose the wines of peasants over highbrow. Perhaps one might see offense in this yet I see this as a compliment. A recognition of the labours of those with whom I’d stand amongst in the journey to the fruitful.

Let me set the table for you.

three bottles opened : representatives hailing from Spain, Italy, and Austria

I blindly made my way into each region with open tongue, both in mind and spirit. My bliss was in what I tasted, felt, treated my soul to, and yet when i revealed my intentions to choose this particular wine I was deemed the outcast of high society; am I shocked? Being from New Jersey I’ve managed to create a coat of technicolors that I bear arms with at any given moment, dare I say a personality flaw, or a gift. I am not offended rather inspired to increase my studies and habits of trying wines that reveal my higher palate and mind.

So which wine did I choose? I chose Austria this time. It spoke to me. Peppery, creamy, dreamy and tart touches that spread across my tongue like a double dutch dance.

2012 Emmerich Knoll ‘Vinothekfullung’ GrĂ¼ner Veltliner Smaragd, Wachau,Austria

Peasant bread rocks!