A Rant


Why doesn’t Evolve mean something to those who squander about shouting Revolution? I admit, I am sad today. not broken, but saddened by the lack of evolving minds and actions to truly heal ourSelf and help others find that Path.

And not to disengage from the tribulations of others working to live in a more open society around the Planet, but I do acknowledge our country is bereft of major “revolutions” that require uprisings of the vile sorts on both sides, but this is nonsense. Utilize your mind & your ability to be able to speak…yes speak. Out loud. With fierceness. On point. And with passion!

for those who continue to rape, defile, and murder without thought I wish there was a Peace of mind I could offer, but alas all I can do is breathe and make my mind shine even brighter.  You are lost causes for success and anyone who thinks I’m wrong can ask their victims and those afraid to live on this Planet because of them; because of their unfortunate & insufficiently wired minds.

but for YOU who just want to wield your unruly minds and passions to the world I raise my voice and send you this message. You will not stand tall. You will not take me down with your antics. I will burn through your being and resume the path towards happiness. You may abhor the limitations set upon you by government, peoples, or the sorts, but you pick up a gun of uneducation so therefore you have mobility(freedom), you spoke out loud(no speech impediments), and you raised your sordid life for what? If have no idea then your message is not being created well enough so it’s not working.

so what was it all for?

If you live for love then nonsense is not what you utilize for creating change. If you live for a thought, which is fleeting, then you live in fear & only share this. I ask you, Planet Earth, please shine with what you are gifted & be generous with your mindfulness. This goes for me as well dear people; I do not find mySelf best in my Ways but please let’s all take a moment of silent contemplation to breathe in peace & release all that is…I ask you all. Please.

Author: winegoddessLV

Remembering through : Persistence, Patience, Courage, ...wine & hospitality

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