Painting Walls In Quarantine

Spattered with paint fresh

To days covered in latex

How soft my smile grows

Healing Drumbeats – Day 8

What do you hear when you close your eyes? When you breathe deeply through the nose and soften the muscles in the face? What do you hear when you allow the corners of your mouth to turn upwards? When you drop those “angel wings” you call shoulder blades down the back? Is it the soft rattle of the wind outside your window, the settling of pipes inside a room, a child’s cry for attention, or the longing of a memory shouting at you to pay attention?

Would you like to hear the drumbeat of healing?

Walk with me for just a moment, into the place where your walls fall down, just for a moment, and let’s change the way we are…together.

Place your hand over your heart. Close the eyes, breathe deeply in through the nose, and allow the rhythm of your own body and mind to flow together through the heart and hand. You are the drum and drummer…each breath inward heals and each exhalation restores.



Breaking Ground – Day 7

Today marked the spot, a spot that has been marked so many times before. The spot that I have tossed dirt back onto over and over again hoping it would somehow transform into an abundant garden or even be magically removed.

Welp, it has not, and will do neither of those ideals, not until I break the ground that has become hardened with deceit and waste. Not until I take the time to stop, get down on knees and till the dirt, finding once again the spot that has been marked.

I have had this momentous “groundhog day” feeling and revelation before and have succeeded in unearthing that spot only to find I fell asleep while on till duty and someone came by to cover it back up. Why bother then in continuing to break ground?

Today I had the most excellent vibration of community and healing when I joined a group of humans on a path to help others. They were focused on what could be done and were all standing on their own ‘marks the spot’. In this we were all able to pick up a shovel and uncover one another’s pile a little more.Featured Image -- 1155

Advice To MySelf – DAY 5

We are all in this together – not just as a company, as peers, friends, family, or even a country, but as a Planet!

Get into a routine. Was there ever a time lapse of 30 days that you could use to regain balance, healing and Self love until now?

There are finally no excuses to not exercise or find a quiet space for the mind except sickness or sleep. There are excuses for under or overeating due to stress so find a routine to alleviate this. Set a meal plan in action for 30 days and ration your “foraged” goods just in case, but something to not ration any bit of is your mental stability or health.

Pick a time to eat dinner  at least if you never do and get in a full workout which can be free and done indoors.

Go outside on your patio or porch often, if you can. Take deep breaths. Take some more deep breaths. Place your hands on your heart and acknowledge you’re alive, even through all of this. Look up into the sky. Allow your beautiful Self to take a smile break. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. And when you begin to notice that feeling, start this paragraph over.

Making efforts to change emotional impulses we’ve woven in our lives is something that takes time, and for most of our country, we actually now have the time!

Our focus should be on each day, each practice, each moment, each breath; all whilst releasing our fixation on an outcome. Forget the “summit” of getting back to work for just 5mins, then 10mins, and maybe even more minutes eventually in the day for now, and find resolute and fierce strength in the climb.

Put together a full -30- day Self routine which can help in this time.

{For those who really need a side bar of me stating this is not negating financial burdens and the agony that comes with that well here it is, but no matter if you have those, which I do too, you still have to function and breathe because you are a human. Money or not, you can find balance and strengthen your will even through these adversities}

Relax Eye Says – Day 4

I had an experience of note last night. It was so intense it caused me to relax. Eye felt connecte

It was in the darkness of the room that I felt a bit of light. Whether the amber glow of the candles invoked this vision or the soft-spoken smell of oils that illuminated my senses that did, I felt the presence of One. I listened to the energy seeping through the crown of my head that advised me to really live to relax, my three eyes were engaged and observant of flashes of connection, and I absorbed the nurturing of the warm flow of salty water healing my cells…And then the guided meditation I was listening to stopped, and i was once again alone with the many random patterns I have created over the years to avoid stillness.
I turn the lights on and long for that gentle darkness, but we live in a world with all the world on fire right now, o darkening is not the way, for now.

Once again I am told “relax” and i am shaking internally, which causes my stresses to come to the surface and I cough; in these Covid-19 times this is not the relaxation I am longing for, and yet I look into the sky and see a blue world peeking through the chaos, and all at once the corners of my mouth turn slightly upwards.


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