Relax Eye Says – Day 4

I had an experience of note last night. It was so intense it caused me to relax. Eye felt connecte

It was in the darkness of the room that I felt a bit of light. Whether the amber glow of the candles invoked this vision or the soft-spoken smell of oils that illuminated my senses that did, I felt the presence of One. I listened to the energy seeping through the crown of my head that advised me to really live to relax, my three eyes were engaged and observant of flashes of connection, and I absorbed the nurturing of the warm flow of salty water healing my cells…And then the guided meditation I was listening to stopped, and i was once again alone with the many random patterns I have created over the years to avoid stillness.
I turn the lights on and long for that gentle darkness, but we live in a world with all the world on fire right now, o darkening is not the way, for now.

Once again I am told “relax” and i am shaking internally, which causes my stresses to come to the surface and I cough; in these Covid-19 times this is not the relaxation I am longing for, and yet I look into the sky and see a blue world peeking through the chaos, and all at once the corners of my mouth turn slightly upwards.


Author: winegoddessLV

Remembering through : Persistence, Patience, Courage, & hospitality

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