Advice To MySelf – DAY 5

We are all in this together – not just as a company, as peers, friends, family, or even a country, but as a Planet!

Get into a routine. Was there ever a time lapse of 30 days that you could use to regain balance, healing and Self love until now?

There are finally no excuses to not exercise or find a quiet space for the mind except sickness or sleep. There are excuses for under or overeating due to stress so find a routine to alleviate this. Set a meal plan in action for 30 days and ration your “foraged” goods just in case, but something to not ration any bit of is your mental stability or health.

Pick a time to eat dinner  at least if you never do and get in a full workout which can be free and done indoors.

Go outside on your patio or porch often, if you can. Take deep breaths. Take some more deep breaths. Place your hands on your heart and acknowledge you’re alive, even through all of this. Look up into the sky. Allow your beautiful Self to take a smile break. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. And when you begin to notice that feeling, start this paragraph over.

Making efforts to change emotional impulses we’ve woven in our lives is something that takes time, and for most of our country, we actually now have the time!

Our focus should be on each day, each practice, each moment, each breath; all whilst releasing our fixation on an outcome. Forget the “summit” of getting back to work for just 5mins, then 10mins, and maybe even more minutes eventually in the day for now, and find resolute and fierce strength in the climb.

Put together a full -30- day Self routine which can help in this time.

{For those who really need a side bar of me stating this is not negating financial burdens and the agony that comes with that well here it is, but no matter if you have those, which I do too, you still have to function and breathe because you are a human. Money or not, you can find balance and strengthen your will even through these adversities}

Author: winegoddessLV

Remembering through : Persistence, Patience, Courage, & hospitality

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