Breaking Ground – Day 7

Today marked the spot, a spot that has been marked so many times before. The spot that I have tossed dirt back onto over and over again hoping it would somehow transform into an abundant garden or even be magically removed.

Welp, it has not, and will do neither of those ideals, not until I break the ground that has become hardened with deceit and waste. Not until I take the time to stop, get down on knees and till the dirt, finding once again the spot that has been marked.

I have had this momentous “groundhog day” feeling and revelation before and have succeeded in unearthing that spot only to find I fell asleep while on till duty and someone came by to cover it back up. Why bother then in continuing to break ground?

Today I had the most excellent vibration of community and healing when I joined a group of humans on a path to help others. They were focused on what could be done and were all standing on their own ‘marks the spot’. In this we were all able to pick up a shovel and uncover one another’s pile a little more.Featured Image -- 1155

Author: winegoddessLV

Remembering through : Persistence, Patience, Courage, & hospitality

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