Healing Drumbeats – Day 8

What do you hear when you close your eyes? When you breathe deeply through the nose and soften the muscles in the face? What do you hear when you allow the corners of your mouth to turn upwards? When you drop those “angel wings” you call shoulder blades down the back? Is it the soft rattle of the wind outside your window, the settling of pipes inside a room, a child’s cry for attention, or the longing of a memory shouting at you to pay attention?

Would you like to hear the drumbeat of healing?

Walk with me for just a moment, into the place where your walls fall down, just for a moment, and let’s change the way we are…together.

Place your hand over your heart. Close the eyes, breathe deeply in through the nose, and allow the rhythm of your own body and mind to flow together through the heart and hand. You are the drum and drummer…each breath inward heals and each exhalation restores.