Yin Yoga

Yin goes upside down and inside out to show you what you’re all about!

~ Can’t wait to meet you on the mat ~


Sealing Gratitude Meditation

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Join us every Thursday at 3:30pm PDT for a 15-minute guided meditation as we gather our breath and energy to strengthen, connect & heal. Sealing our day’s journey with our gratitude can bring contentment and joy which leads to productivity and empowerment. Why not give it a chance!

More Than Somm Indeed – Yoga & Strength Training Online

Strength Training & Yoga ~

Join us at home and on the mat for a Hatha-flow yoga session that will you move through the concepts of Anusara, Vinyasa, Power & Yin through the style of Expressive yoga. Two days in the week you will focus on your strength as you train the upper and lower body in a more high impact, high interval style of training. Each session ends with a guided meditation.

Total Class Time: 75 minutes
What You Need: a mat, a smile, and water
*essential oils/incense/candles encouraged


To join the fun use this link to Zoom:


All sessions listed in PST

•Sunday 11a Expressive Yoga
•Monday 11a Upper focus – Strength Training (guest teacher Jessica Waugh)
•Tuesday 11a Expressive Yoga
•Wednesday 9a Expressive Yoga
•Thursday 4p Lower focus – Strength Training (guest teacher Jessica Waugh)
•Friday 11a – Expressive Yoga
•Saturday 4p – Expressive Yoga – Yin focus

***honour your body, honour your edge – all classes are offered with the intention of helping and guiding towards healing but you have to manage and acknowledge your own body and necessary restraints throughout each session. Guide is not liable for any injuries.


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