C.O.R.E. | 5 Minute Meditation: Be Alive


Flint, Michigan, protest: Police put down weapons for parade – CNN

Flint, Michigan, protest: Police put down weapons for parade – CNN
— Read on www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/05/31/us/flint-michigan-protest-police-trnd/index.html

A Different Kind Of Challenge – Humanity


A Different Kind of Challenge

In my core I believe we should not tolerate hatred…but since it’s your “right” as an American to do such I just ask that you show your true colours always. Don’t hide behind social media to spread your hatred. Show who you are so I know. #notwelcomeinmylife

C.O.R.E. | Asana 101 Quickie – Triangle Pose


For Beginners – C.O.R.E. | Asana 101 Quickie – Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

This posture balances the left and right sides of the body while strengthening the core, stretching through the legs, spine, and torso,, while building self confidence and strength.

Stabilize triangle by placing legs as far apart as your legs are long (triangle has equal sides)

1. Starting with right foot on the ma, ,toes facing forward & left foot back parallel to back mat. Your front heel should bisect middle of back arch.

2. Stack hips by moving the front hip back and pulling front femur into the hip socket.

3. Left hand to hip as you extend right arm overhead and fold forward.

4. Honour your own edge. Place right hand on thigh, shin, blocks, or mat .(Extra spicy)

5. There should be a gentle stretch in the leg, rooting down, and engaging with the back leg.

6. Utilise your Ujjayi breath throughout, finding your inhales/exhales to have same length.

***Ditch the mindset of being perfect and getting the pose quickly and without help. Appreciate the moment, build your strength and the stretch, and find your core to carry you through!

How Jersey-Girl Helps

Just had a lapse of breath and freaked the f-word out…in Jersey-style – tongues and ventilations all over the place.

When this all began and I was let go I acknowledged I would no longer be needed in my former capacity in the first week of March.

Then I began the journey and started going to roots of what I did prior to wine. I’m a newbie…merely 8yrs in.

But as I painfully focused on those 8yrs tonight, I lamented that I’d devoted time, energy, money and passion to one singular concept…and then it hit me.

The focus was on ME! Wine led me to me! Why would I ever lament about that?

I love wine for that more than anything and if I need to find something else to do such with I will. Does it make me giddy to think I may do another “gig” for a while? I love my yogi life. Had I devoted the last 8yrs to it perhaps I’d be making a living still off of that, but we in this great industry are maitre’d in the Whole sense of it.

I open up because I broke down just now. I hope you all know you can too. 💜 let it out and see if ventilation helps

#justbreathe #connect #release