I listened today.

“That’s all”, you ask?  Yes, that’s all I did.

And if asked of you, when was the first time you truly stopped your own thoughts to listen to someone else today? Have I already lost you?

WelI I listened to someone today. And I listened to someone tell me they were so sorry to disappoint me. And it all started with wine.

One day not too long ago I found mySelf in the fortune of a job offer to be a Sommelier. I met quite the human and fell in Love with building harmony and living wine. But I’m not here to reminisce, I’m here to figure out why someone so awesome would disappoint me for not passing an exam. I mean, I haven’t even tried to take this particular exam yet so how I am I the measure of appointing anything? I become even more humbled by such a beautiful creature that wants to nourish me while down, and I realize not defeated. This passion and complexity of strength is overwhelming on so many levels. The level that energizes me most is that of persistence to survive in the brightest light. And for this I will listen to someone every day. Truly listen…with all of me.